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Infants at Daycare:
The little one's of the house! We take infants from 2 months old and up, we follow the routine that the parents have with them, Infants Nap longer and more often than toddlers, usually the babies take one nap before we go out in the morning and the second one with the toddlers in the afternoon, but this could be different, every baby is a different person! 

We don't Provide formula, baby food ,diapers or wipes.

We have a waiting list for babies, so Mom's feel free to set up an appointment with us when you are pregnant!

​ Typical day at daycare!

We are a very active group, starting the day with a healthy snack followed by singing or story time, We switch the schedule weekly , the group goes to the park every day! 

Yes every day! Winter, Summer, foggy days...but  We stayed in if we have a rainy day, We like to go for walks around the neighborhood and fisherman's-wharf , this is the same routine for infants and toddlers.

They all deserve to have the same fun!

 We provide Organic Food at Daycare and Healthy Snacks.


* Breakfast time: 8:30 am


* Baby Nap time: 9:00 am


* Singing time: 9:30 AM


* Outdoors time (Playground or Field trips)

 10:00 am to noon


* Snack Time: 10:30 am


Lunch time: 12:00 pm


* Nap time for babies and toddlers: 1:00 pm


* Snack time: 3:30 pm


* Story time/Circle time 4:00 pm


*Circle time!  this is the time  for singing and talking about anything! We like to practice the colors and numbers,read some books ( english and spanish).



 There is no TV or video time at Daycare.


* Pick up time between 5:00 to 5:30 pm.







Toddlers at Daycare:

" The big kids" this group usually is from 12 months and up to 3-4 years old 

We provide the following:

*2 healthy snacks including lots of fruits, cheese, crackers, yogurt etc.

*1 home-cooked meal (lunch) consists in all kind of vegetables, grains like lentils, beans, chickpeas, split beans as well as pastas, rice, soups and meats: chicken,

turkey and beef. Every day is a different meal.

*Regular whole milk. 

*We work in conjunction with the parents in potty training the kids.

We Make sure the kids eat their full meals on time.

We don't provide diapers or wipes.



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