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We are having a great experience with Diana and her team of helpers. Our toddler loves going to Diana's. The kids get taken on daily adventures to nearby parks, playgrounds or library so they get plenty of exercise and stimulation. They get lovely healthy home-cooked lunches and giggles, laughs and hugs in abundance. And no television at all. 

We cannot praise the availability and flexibility of the team enough. Diana is always available by text, email or phone and very accommodating to last-minute schedule changes. Right now I am immobilized due to an accident and they are so fantastic they have offered to pick-up and drop-off our daughter at home! We have also made use of the after hour babysitting which is great because it is a trusted and familiar situation for everyone.

Last but definitely not least, is the Spanish immersion for our toddler.







I highly recommend Diana and the team of caregivers at Diana's Daycare. Our daughter was enrolled there from the age of 4 months to 15 months, and would still be enrolled if we didn't recently move to the suburbs. Near the end she was excited to ring the doorbell in the mornings, and would blow them extra kisses at pickup time, which is a testament to the type of loving environment they create. They keep the children stimulated by taking daily trips to all of the nearby parks (no TV!), and were always celebrating holidays and birthdays together. Our daughter is now a very social toddler, which we attribute in large part to her experiences at Diana's Daycare. 

The rooms and toys were constantly being cleaned, and my daughter was only sick with a couple colds that first year, despite all of the horror stories I'd heard about the illnesses children pick up from daycare. Their availability and flexibility was a big plus for my husband and I. Diana and her team were easily available by cell phone, text or email, and always accommodating of last-minute schedule changes. They were also available for after-hours babysitting, which works out perfectly for those much-needed date nights. 

Diana speaks fluent English, but her team mostly speaks Spanish (which my husband and I haven't studied since our college days). This didn't impact our ability to communicate about our daughter's care, nor did it negatively impact her language acquisition skills. (If anything, it accelerated them.) I can't say enough about how happy we were with the care our daughter received, and it was with a heavy heart that we eventually had to say goodbye.



Julie E.




Our son started at Diana's Daycare when he was four months old.  As a parent, leaving your child for the first time is difficult, however our experience has been great!  Not only is he well cared for, but the amount of affection and love he receives from the team of women gives us such a high level of comfort.  We drop him off and he lights up as he is hugged and kissed good morning.  He comes home happy, well-fed and rested.  Despite my knowing a limited amount of spanish, communication is never an issue, and we love that our son is exposed to two languages.  We also love that Diana sends us pictures and updates throughout the work week.  Because of the small size of Diana's Daycare, our son receives a lot of attention and has benefited from being around other children at varying ages.  Our caregivers are flexible, relaxed, and extremely caring.  The team is very experienced - when our son started daycare he would not drink a bottle (we tried for weeks without success), but within 1-2 days in their care, he adjusted and had no problem.  They have a lot of patience and always have a smile on their face.  We feel so lucky to have found Diana, Sonia, Jessica,  and Elizabeth!

-& Steve Electra
(proud parents of Henry)

We had a great experience with Diana and her helpers.  Arianna and Mateo (twins) started with her when they were 4 months old and stayed until they started pre-school.  When they are so little, I believe the single most important thing they need (other than nutrition, safety and sleep) is a lot of love.  It was so wonderful each day they were greeted with hugs, kisses and smiling faces!  Other things that I liked were the daily time outside at the park, home cooked food (which they devoured - unlike at home), the opportunity to be exposed to Spanish, Diana's ability to effectively communicate with us and her willingness / eagerness to work with us when special or unexpected situations came up.

For those parents who visit many of the other daycares in the North Beach area like I did, you may appreciate that Diana's rates are quite reasonable compared to other providers in the area.

Overall, I highly recommend Diana's Family Daycare!


Paul Schmidt.'


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